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Parents! Discover The Most Overlooked Way To Raising

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The Name Says It All!... “ALL” Kids R” Capable™ Of Making Extraordinary Achievements Or Acting In Remarkable Ways… But Character Traits R’ Key!


Dear Parent / Guardian,

Character Development is a set of value and traits that are “KEY” for everything a child does and the “Key” which allows a child to succeed in everything they do.

Character Traits such as:

  • Focus, necessary for reading!

  • Concentration, necessary for learning!

  • Respect, necessary to be able to speak and act with character and dignity towards teachers, parents, family and friends!

  • Discipline, necessary to complete homework and chores!

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem, necessary to believe in themselves and stand up to unhealthy peer pressure!

  • Responsibility, necessary to accept the consequences for their actions while learning from mistakes!

And it’s no secret; there are studies that have proven “Self-Confidence” is more influential in academic achievement then IQ!

Furthermore, studies have also shown “Self-Discipline” outdoes IQ in predicting academic performance!

Another survey showed that the Lack Of “Respect” in today’s youth should be regarded as a serious national problem!

Without learning proper character traits, children may struggle with school, act our at home or make inappropriate choices… and this can wreak havoc on parents!


Imagine Your Child's Possibilities….?

Just imagine for a moment that a child wasn’t good at focus and concentration (we hear this from parents and teachers all the time)… This would definitely affect school performance! 

Now imagine if a child learns, practices and continually improves upon these two character traits of focus and concentration?

Their learning capabilities would skyrocket and their potential for success would be limitless!


"We need more people like you in our community. You have done an extraordinary job in helping "Jane's" Focus and Concentration to the extent that her ADHD is almost non-existent in class. Keep up the good work."

- Mrs. Thompson ("Jane's Teacher)


This is Exactly what the Kids R’ Capable™ Program is all about… Teaching, Instilling and Helping Kids learn and practice character traits that are needed to behave better at home, do better in school and succeed in life!


How Can This Help “My” Child?

It’s not that a child can’t do something, is below average, acts undesirably or talks back; they are just missing the traits that allow them to act and excel accordingly.

The same goes for: 

  • Back Talking which requires learning and practicing Respect!
  • A Positive Attitude requires Confidence!
  • Warding Off unhealthy peer pressure requires Self-Esteem!
  • Completing Homework and Chores requires Self-Discipline!
  • Making the Right Choices requires Confidence!
  • Telling the Truth requires Honesty!

And the list goes on and on…

Character Traits are skills that need to be Learned, Developed and Practiced! They are not given to, taken by, magically appear or absorbed. The better kids become at using these traits, the better they will do in everything they set out to do in life.  


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How This Program WILL Helps Parents…

The Kids R’ Capable™ Character Development Program is a fun and exciting martial arts based character development program that was developed to “help” families raise successful, confident and respectful children in a safe environment to excel at home, school and in life!

Hi, my name is Bobby Hernandez, creator of The Kids R’ Capable™ Character Development Program for Kids, Co-Owner (with my father who raised me with these same values) of Hernandez Martial Arts in Union City, CA. and former World and Nationally Rated Champion as well as over 40 Time Grand Champion Title Holder. I tell you all this not to impress you, but to impress upon you that I was raised and have used all the character traits and values I teach children which enabled me to succeed in my own right whether it was academically, in the corporate world, in the dojo, on the matt or in life.

You see, I’ve been working with thousands of kids for over 29 years! And when parents bring their kids to us it’s “usually” for reasons other then self-defense and more for character development to improve behaviors in the academic or social arenas.

So I spent an incredible amount of time, effort and energy to move our curriculum into the 21st century by creating a program and creating an environment so kids can learn more about the character and values of the martial arts at “their” young understanding level and at a faster pace to help them improve their life whether it be at school, home or life!

Oh, and did I mention this is all done in a Kid Oriented, Fun and Safe Environment? It’s nothing like you would imagine!


"Ever since your program on Leadership, my wife and I noticed a change in Jordan on the softball field. Today, she got elected team captain. She would have never done this without you - Thanks!"

- Frank, Jordan's Father


Your Child’s Outcome Is Up To You…?

Through The Kids R’ Capable™ Character Development Program children will learn to better their lives through character and values such as Respect, Self-Esteem, Discipline, Honesty, Responsibility, Honesty and Loyalty and Perseverance to name a few.

Then, your child will take all the values gained and put them to use to succeed in life starting in school, they’ll make their community a better place for them, their family and everyone around them, it will follow them through college and into their adult life, work life, family life and make “our” world a better place to live!

And this is no joke! We’ve seen it with other kids and we will see it with yours!


“We’ve seen remarkable changes in Brooke’s attitude, confidence and self-esteem levels since joining your school. Once an introvert, she now jumps at the chance of talking in front of people or participating in class at school. Your program should be mandatory for all kids”

 - Pam, Brooke's Mom


How Will You Teach This To “My” Kid?

Simple! We’ll teach it to them the way “They Learn!” Through positive reinforcement, patience, praise, compassion, caring and DOING! We don’t need to yell, scream, scold, punish or degrade because “All” Kids R’ Capable™!

(Oh, and did I mention the kids have fun doing it?)

Each month we'll introduce a Character Development Theme through the Kids R’ Capable™ Program and each week a lesson will be taught on that selected theme. The themes will be broken down into two weekly lessons:

Mental Thinking - is a segment in class that teaches students how to adopt the correct thinking and mentality of a respectful, honorable, confident, disciplined person. Everything starts with the mind from self-esteem to self-discipline, from respect to honesty and from responsibility to integrity. The mind is what sparks the body to act. If one can control their thoughts and understand what a correct, positive way of thinking is, they can control their body, their choices, their actions and their destiny.

Physically Acting - is a segment in class that teaches skills and values which can be used both physically as well as mentally. For example, one of the themes is Intensity. A student can perform something physically intense and they can also study intensely at home or in school. The instructors will teach the kids that many physical traits which are used in fun, game playing activities (which kids enjoy) are also the same traits used to succeed in the classroom, at home and in life.


“I want to thank you and tell you that I really appreciate these lessons. The time and energy you are investing in your students and parents is assertive, helpful and overall invaluable. Thank You”

- Stacie


Furthermore, the lessons will be emailed home on Tuesday so parents wishing to do so can reinforce positive life skills and values at home through our Steps To Success E-mail Series. The more kids who are exposed to values and traits, the more they will learn and they will have the skills and tools to succeed in everything they set out to do.


“This is a much appreciated email today. We’ve been dealing with this at home the past few weeks. Thanks for the tips!”

 - Jen


So, Are You Ready To Try It?.... For Free?

The Kids R’ Capable™ Character Development Program for Kids is part of a Community Service Program Offered at Hernandez Martial Arts where we allow 10 children from our community each month to participate in one course… Free! There are no obligations to continue, no pressure, no catches!

Students will start off coming to class two times a week, 30-45 minutes a class so there is plenty of time for homework and extra curricular activities. We run multiple classes almost every day of the week in the late afternoon to early evening to accommodate even the busiest families. You will be able to chose the days and times that will coincide with your schedule and if you miss a class, no problem! We offer all our families a comprehensive make up program at no additional cost.

At the end of the Trial Program should you decide our program can help your child and family (which most families do), you can become a regular student! It’s that easy!


“I want to thank everyone who is teaching this very special program for making us beginners feel so welcomed. My daughter had a great time in her first class and she can’t wait to go back.”

- Kate


Contact Us Today!

It’s Simple! All you have to do is call us at (510) 487-3790, tell us you want to take advantage of the Free Community Service Trial Program with no commitments, catches or pressure and we’ll tell you what to do and how to get started!

Oh, and did I mention your child will receive a Free Gift just for trying it?!


I’m Still Not Sure?

If you’re still not quite sure you want to take advantage of the Free Community Service Trial Program with no commitments, catches or pressure, you can call us at (510) 487-3790, schedule a time to come visit us, meet our friendly staff, see our training facility, get an information pack and then make your decision after you’ve seen what it’s all about.

Should you have any additional questions regarding how we can help your child and family, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us and you can even ask for me personally, Bobby Hernandez.

Dedicated to the development of successful kids,


Bobby Hernandez


P.S. Remember, I can't stress enough, there are no commitments, catches or pressure to take advantage of the Free Community Service Trial Program. If you do the Free Trial and enjoy it, you will be welcomed to become a regular student and enjoy all the benefits of this kid transforming program! But, if you feel the program is not right for you, there are absolutely no obligations to continue! And your child gets to keep their Free Gift!


P.S.S. There are only 10 spots per month so don’t put it off! There are months the 10 spots go before the course even starts!



To reserve your space in the Free Community Service Trial Program and receive your Free Gift, please submit the following information.


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